Plant fibre composite

Compression moulding technology from lightweight solutions offers you an entirely new range of design options for manufacturing three-dimensional compression moulded parts.

Developed in-house, our technology enables the processing of ultramodern types of materials based on renewable raw materials.

The method enables the straightforward, efficient handling of even small and medium batch sizes as part of an industrial-scale manufacturing process.

Key features of our compression moulded parts:

• Great flexibility in terms of design
• Wide range of potential applications
• Authentic and natural visual appeal
• Configurable technical properties
• High dimensional stability and low manufacturing tolerances
• Carbon-neutral material basis
• Low-emission production

The perfect material for your application

Turning design data into compression moulded parts materialises your ideas – quite literally.

Apart from form and function, the starting material can also play a decisive part in the success of your application.

To identify the correct proportions of malleability, dimensional stability, mechanical properties, temperature stability, as well as the processing and machining for your application, a range of material types are available, based on renewable natural resources.These types of materials typically consist of plant or wood fibres, which are then processed into a non-woven or panel-like state by the application of an environmentally friendly binder. These semi-finished materials are then machine-pressed into compression moulded parts. We can offer you comprehensive expertise and in-depth advice on all queries relating to material selection.

Key advantages of our material types:

• High deformability
• Formaldehyde-free binder (NAF)
• Straightforward machining and processing
• Wide range of finishing options for material surfaces
• Maximum cost-effectiveness

Pioneering compression moulding technology

Innovative production technology as the basis for high-precision compression moulded parts made from natural fibres

As part of the Environmental Innovation Programme launched by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, a large-scale commercial production facility was set up.
The aim of this project was to develop and implement the energy- and resource-efficient production technologies required for the manufacture of the lightweight material lisocore®.

The compression moulding technology forms part of this production facility and has the following key features:

• Cost-effective, rapid-cycle production
• High-precision control systems
• Operator-programmable press stroke
• Press process diagnosis in real time
• Energy-efficient drive systems
• Energy recovery systems

From your idea – to the finished part

Our services for your success

We can handle the entire production process

From CAD work and prototyping through to the high-volume production of dimensionally accurate parts, plus quality assurance and outbound delivery. Depending on customer requirements, delivery can be as a blank or (semi-)finished part.
Our customers value our wealth of technological expertise and our sound product advice. Our work is generally order-based, and we coordinate our production work to match our customers’ individual manufacturing processes.
In addition, our internal R&D department can provide support to our customers for upstream processes such as product development, for example.

Our compression moulding experts have one goal: fulfilling your design and execution requirements.

Our portfolio of services ranges from comprehensive technical consulting to toolmaking for high-volume manufacturing and on to the successful and timely production run.

• CAD work
• Prototyping
• Toolmaking
• CNC machining
• Surface finishing
• Part measurement and measurement reports
• Reverse engineering
• Part digitisation
• Quality assurance

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